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- FAQ for Scrap Metal Recycling -

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While some metals – think gold, silver and copper – are often used in their pure form, most metals that we commonly use are alloys, mixtures of one or more metals along with other elements.

Steel, brass, pewter, bronze and brass are the most common metal alloys. Many alloys are ferrous, containing iron, but some are not.

Non-Ferrous Metals
There are times when iron is not useful in metal.

If you want metal to be lightweight, non-magnetic, have high conductivity and corrosion resistance, the best results will not include iron. Non-ferrous metals tend to be more expensive than metals with iron and are extensively recycled. Brass is the most common non-ferrous alloy and is a mixture of copper and zinc.

Copper has high conductivity and zinc is very resistant to corrosion. Aluminum is also non-ferrous. Though we think of aluminum as a pure metal, most of what we actually use is an alloy with manganese and some copper. It is very lightweight and can be easily shaped.

Ferrous Metals
Many of the metals we use on a daily basis are ferrous alloys.

The strength properties of iron, when combined with other materials, make it valuable for many purposes. Ferrous metals are used in construction materials, industrial manufacturing, medical devices, magnetic cores and more. 

When dealing with selling scrap metal, a digital scale is the only standard. You will get an accurate number that is easily verified each and every time.

At Wentworth Metal Recycling, we test and calibrate our scales our a regular basis to ensure we are providing the best price to our customers and clients.

Heck yes! The Wentworth Metal Recycling family has been working in metal recycling since the 1930s. We’re older than Google and have way more fun at our job than they do too.

4 generations of family working in the industry with each other just shows how much we have loved helping our community grow.

Metal prices fluctuate constantly. During the last 2 years, prices of metals have increased a lot. Yes, selling metals at any time is a good idea. 

With over 75 years of experience, we Sell Service!

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