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We make selling your scrap metal easy.

Wentworth Metal Recycling is a family-owned business located in the heart of Hamilton, Ontario. We maintain a collection of on-site processing equipment, a large fleet of trucks and over 75 years and 4 generations of experience.

If you’re looking for scrap metal recycling near Burlington, then it is worth the visit to Wentworth Metal Recycling. With a short 15 min, trip you’ll be serviced by one of the best metal recycling teams around. Here’s why we’re worth the trip:

Bring us your ferrous and non-ferrous metals today!

Acceptable Materials
Hours and Location

Mon. - Fri. 9 am - 5 pm
495 Wentworth St N, Hamilton, On.

In business for over 75 years!
Our helpful team will help unload, sort, and grade your materials.

Now that’s service!

Why We're Better

Get paid cash on the spot for the value of your materials.

Paid cash on the spot with our ATM.
While You're Here

Let’s chat about how Wentworth Metal Recycling Can Help put more money in your pockets.

We accept a wide range of Metals and e-Waste. And just a short drive from Brantford to hamilton.

Our yard is concrete, and clean.

Our yard is safe for you and your vehicle!

Concrete yards are vital to great measurements and vehicle maintenance.
Your tires will be safe in our concrete yard, which is always kept clean and free of debris with simple drive-in and out access.

The digital scale advantage.

Don’t settle for yards that still rely on analog scales to weigh your scrap. Go Digital!

We use Digital Scales for our scrap purchases, which are tested and calibrated regularly. Digital Scales ensure all of our transactions are accurate and fast.

Inventory Category Tracking System.

Get the best price for your metals with help from our inventory tracking system!

There are a lot of different types of metals, and to help ensure you get the best price possible we use an inventory tracking system that provides up-to-date rates for all types of metals and grades.

Inventory category tracking system.

Cash Paid on the Spot!

Don’t Wait for payment, at Wentworth Metal Recycling, we pay on the spot!

After we use Digital Scales for our scrap purchases and you see how great our prices are, you can get paid on the spot. Fast, accurate, easy, accurate (it’s worth saying twice), and some of the best prices on metals from Brantford to Hamilton, and the rest of Southwest Ontario!

ATM - Automated Security System.

Grab a quick bite while You're Here.

Grab A Free Hotdog all summer long from our Hot Dog hut!

Need a snack after your visit? Help yourself to our free hotdogs all summer long at our hotdog hut. Located by our ATM, money and food, what could be better?

Cooking hotdogs at the hotdog hut.